what are the boys up to today?

Started on Tuesday. Two days later, David and Joe are busy out there again. Our redwood siding is coming off. Take a look…

deck project on thursday




















More later.

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2 Responses to “what are the boys up to today?”

  1. Firstly, thank you for creating such an engaging website. I too am a keen gardener and lover of modernity. Everything from your use of latin plant names, the rebating of baseboards (‘skirting’ this side of the pond) to reduce their depth and low profile aluminium flashing resonates with me.
    Finally to the point…can you tell me who manufactured your aluminium doors (Hormann?).

    regards, Stephen

  2. Brook says:

    Hey there, Stephen! Thanks so much for the lovely comments. I’m glad someone shares our many obvious obsessions. Our aluminum doors (and windows, for that matter) come from Arcadia http://arcadiaproducts.com. We’re like the look, are pleased with their quality and competitive price, and will continue to renovate with Arcadia. :)

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