I mentioned ages ago, waaaaaaaaaaay back, that the floorboards of our deck are rotting away…

deck | before shot




















Is that a hole on the right there? Why, yes, it is…

deck | the hole




















Other spots are getting pretty squishy…

deck | rot




















So this morning, Joe and David are deconstructing the deck…

deck | sawing




















deck | pulling up the boards



















deck | see-through!




















deck | bye bye old boards




















You may be asking yourself, hey, isn’t this…

deck | bottomless




















… just one more distraction from all that work that needs to happen downstairs?

The answer is actually no. Windows for whole front of the house — upstairs and down — are coming soon, which means the siding will have to come off and the walls get insulated. The deck is in the way. So new deck gets us new windows!

In the meantime, the staging awaits…

deck | staging




















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