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harvest time

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

We plant 10 to 12 heirloom tomatoes every year. When they ripen, there’s no way we can eat them all before they go bad, so I save them for winter and spring when grocery store tomatoes are pale and mealy. Do I can them? Naw. I found an easier way.

First, I pick a few giant bowlfuls of deliciousness…





















I chunk up the biggest tomatoes but usually leave the cherry tomatoes whole, I seed and cut my peppers, then throw them onto a big cookie sheet (with sides) with a whole chopped onion. A drizzle of good olive oil over top. Salt and pepper. ..




















I roast a pan (or two) at 450°F for 30 to 35 mins until it looks like this and smells insanely good…




















After they cool, I pour it all into a pot and use a stick blender to make it smooth…




















If you feel strongly about removing tomato seeds, this is the point at which you’d want to push the sauce through a sieve with a big spoon. If you’re lazy like me, you leave them in. I usually chuck in basil or tarragon from my garden, maybe a few cloves of fresh garlic, and blend that in, too…





















So there it is, all blended and ready to divvy up into freezer-safe bags for the season…





















I label them so I know to finish the oldest bags first. Our freezer is already full and there’s about another month of harvesting left. Uh oh..




















Come January, I’ll have fresh-tasting soup, pizza sauce, pasta sauce and a good base for chili. Yum.


Before you ask, here’s our heirloom tomato list this year:

  • Green Zebra (2)
  • Brandywine (2)
  • Mr. Stripey
  • Sungold Cherry
  • Black Cherry
  • Garden Peach
  • Peacevine Cherry

I could not locate Orange Oxheart plants this year. Sadface. They make the absolute best tomato soup ever. Will have to grow some from seed in the spring.