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back on track!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Finally! Jake figured it out… I wasn’t to blame. WordPress wasn’t to blame. It was a glitch on our host’s part when they made an update. So now we can get back to bidness. Let’s see, where where we?


still no luck

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Sorry for the unplanned week off. My troubleshooter has become swamped with real-world work. Unfortch, it’s going to take someone smarter than yours truly to figure out the photo uploading problem.

Don’t worry… you’re not really missing much. Other than we won the Kyrgystan lottery (a lifetime supply of sugar beets), discovered the lost continent of Atlantis under the unfinished koi pond, and found that if you put fish tacos in a blender and then apply as an ointment to “affected areas,” your eczema and cellulite will disappear. Who knew?


Monday, March 28th, 2011

I’ve obviously had no luck with my image uploading issues so I called in the big guns. If they can’t fix it well then… poo.

having issues

Friday, March 25th, 2011

To the two people who read this blog, I apologize for my behindy-ness this week. Am struggling to resolve some iPhoto/blog problems. What good is a blog without pictures? le sigh.

the best surprise

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

More proof that you just never know what a new day will bring you… So this morning the doorbell rings. And who’s on our doorstep? Two happy, shiny offsproing of Irving B. Haynes, the original architect of the house we love so much. What the?

Seth and Libby stopped by to say that until they happened across mymodremod, they’d had no idea that this house was their father’s creation — even after passing by it for so many years. We had a lovely chat and stumbled them through our embarrassingly fakakta interior.

And then they asked if we’d like this (click to biggify)…

irving b haynes collage

It’s a collage of ski passes made by their father in 1971 — the year construction began on our house. Hailing from Maine, Irving liked to take the family skiing around New England. Nice bit ’o regional history there…

irving b haynes collage, detail 1

irving b haynes collage, detail 2

irving b haynes collage, detail 3

How sweet is it of Seth and Libby to share a little bit of Irving with us? That’s so nice! We’ll most definitely be in touch. I’d love to prove to them that we’re really not slobs. Well, mostly not slobs anyway.

Thanks, you two! And I promise we’ll figure out the glitch in posting comments so that you can chime in every now and then.

so outta here

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Not too much time for posts today. We’re busy dragging things to antique shops and listing whatnot on Craigslist as we clear out in preparation for the downstairs destruction. This place is quickly becoming even more of a mess. Whoda thought it was possible?

Our hallway is littered with cardboard skeletons…

cardboard everywhere

Watch where you step.

snow day!

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Hope you had an excellent holiday. It’s finally looking festive here. The first and likely last blizzard of the season arrived last night. The forecast said 21″ but we only got 12″. 50 mile an hour winds left us with bare spots and crazy 4′ drifts…

winter wonderland + construction zone = watch out!

Oh, in case you were wondering: yes, a foot of snow on top of the slippery, polypropylene thermal blankets on our construction zone makes for hazardous footing. The good news is that even though the patios are on hold until spring, we found an excellent use for the pond in the meantime…

pond of snow

Snow tunnels!

pond of snow

Hope you’re out there having fun, too!

snowy wreath

the coolest house on the planet

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Bursting with pride today! Not for myself but a friend. A smart, ridiculously talented young architect by the name of Benjamin Garcia Saxe, whose personal project just made him the winner in the house category of the 2010 World Architecture Festival. That’s world, people. Winner of the whole freaking world!

Take a look at the magical creation he crafted for his mother in Costa Rica in his spare time. All photos by Andres Garcia Lachner Fotografia via…

Andres Garcia Lachner Fotografia via

Andres Garcia Lachner Fotografia via

Andres Garcia Lachner Fotografia via

Andres Garcia Lachner Fotografia via

Andres Garcia Lachner Fotografia via

All that and much more to enjoy here — read what inspired him, it really gives the project a lovely human spirit. According to yesterday’s announcement

The jury immediately sensed that this project, designed  by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architect, was a potential winner, and were left in no doubt after the architect’s presentation.

Yay! Ben got his Master of Architecture at RISD in 2007. We know him because we entrusted his beautiful and equally talented wife Erika with our most valuable possession: Bix. She took great care of him from the age of 8 months to 3 years at our home and theirs. After Ben graduated, they moved to London where Erika pursued dance and Ben went to work doing great things for Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, I’m sure.

The last time we saw them, Ben gave us this amazing plywood sculpture for Bix…

bix’s sculpture via

bix’s sculpture via

We love that piece and will treasure it forever! I’ll be sure to post a photo of it in Bix’s room, where it lives.

Congratulations again, Benji. I hope you and Erika are sipping champagne tonite!


Sunday, October 24th, 2010

godzilla and mechagodzilla in flight

Sorry for going black again. We headed to Colorado for a trip to see my family and like a complete dork I left my computer bag in the hallway by the front door. Kill me. Wanted to do updates via WordPress for iPhone but my passwords were at home. Argh. On the other hand, Godzilla and Mechagodzilla had a great time.

brimfield past

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Over the years, Brimfield has had plenty to offer — much more than my last post might suggest. I’ve always come away with something I love, for a steal. Like these…

A vintage cast aluminum lounger. 40s? 50s? 60s? Dunno. We had it beadblasted to remove the peeling paint and left it bare, then found a company on Cape Cod who specializes in rewebbing…

brimfield score | lounger side view

brimfield | lounger back view

It came with the cutest loveseat…

brimfield | loveseat front view

brimfield | loveseat side view

Since I brought up beadblasting and rewebbing, I should mention the Brown and Jordan patio set we inherited from David’s grandmother. Was it white or yellow in its past life? I forget. We had the set beadblasted and rewebbed at the same time the lounger and loveseat were done so they would “go” together…

brown and jordan set

brown and jordan set, detail view

One year we scored three vintage medical cabinets for our storage-less loft. We decided to have them stripped and sprayed before we brought them to the new house. The metal is thin and couldn’t take beadblasting. Also, it wasn’t uniform enough to warrant leaving the cabs bare as we’d hoped we could. (I apologize for having absolutely NO natural light to help this shot out)…

brimfield | medical cabinets before

I decided to dress up the interior walls with Waldots wallpaper by Ferm Living…

brimfield | medical cabinets after

Still not sure I’m loving that paper. Hard to tell here because the light is awful, but the paper is a little more purple and much less grey than I’d imagined…

all papered!

closed up and ready to go

Have also picked up a slew of  vintage Vornado fans at Brimfield. Very streamline, industrial, Raymond Loewy

brimfield | vornado fan

Could use a good dusting because they get used every summer. The company is still around and recently released a new “Retro” style based on the original…

remodelista | vornado “retro” fa

The one above was featured on Remodelista but I keep seeing it on various design blogs. Less of an energy hog than the originals, that’s for sure.

The point is, if you haven’t been to Brimfield, go next year. You just never know what you’ll find when you have 20 fields’ worth of flea market to stumble through.